Taylors of Harrogate adds six new flavours to its range

Tea and coffee brand, Taylors of Harrogate, has introduced six delicious new flavours to its classic range of speciality teas.

Pure Green Tea, Green Tea with Mint, Classic Chai, White Tea, Ceylon Tea and Apple and Cinnamon will all be available from November in boxes of 20.

Natalie Cross, Out of Home Manager, at Taylors of Harrogate says that it can now offer its customers an even greater selection of traditional blends, as well as more unusual flavours from across the world.

Cross said: “Taylors of Harrogate is known for quality and extraordinary flavour. We’re always looking at how we can tap into, and anticipate, consumer trends to build on the popularity of our ranges and give our customers something new.

“We’re delighted to launch our latest flavours which include connoisseurs’ favourite, White Tea, and Pure Green Tea (now available in this smaller size), made with smooth and elegant Chinese Sencha. There’s also a warming Apple and Cinnamon infusion, inspired by apple strudel, and our secret family Chai recipe. Each blend has been carefully crafted and thoroughly taste-tested to create a perfect final product that we’re incredibly proud of.”

Each beautifully-designed box contains 20 individual tagged and wrapped tea bags, all bearing the Royal Warrant, the ultimate sign of quality and excellence. All are available in cases of 6.

About the new blends

Pure Green Tea
This is a smooth, elegant Chinese green tea without a hint of bitterness. Sencha tea is made in a unique way – the tender buds are dried with steam for a fresh, delicate flavour.

Green Tea with Mint
Green tea and mint taste magical together. This classic infusion combines exquisitely smooth Chinese Sencha green tea and the finest grade of peppermint leaf. It’s sweetly refreshing at any time of the day.

White Tea
This exquisitely soothing tea is grown in China – the home of white tea – where the tender buds are gently picked in the spring harvest. The least processed of all teas, it makes a light, calming infusion with floral notes and delicate hints of peach.

Ceylon Tea
This fine, high-grown Ceylon tea comes from the Western Highlands of Dimbula, Sri Lanka, where the hot, dry climate in the early months of the year helps the leaves to develop their unique flavour. It’s light and golden, with a freshness which is almost citrussy – and is rightly hailed as a classic.

Apple and Cinnamon
Inspired by apple strudel, this spiced infusion is a big, warm hug in a cup. Made with real apple pieces and a sweet cinnamon spice blend, it’s a comforting, caffeine-free treat that’s perfect any time of day.

Classic Chai
Taylors’ family Chai recipe – a secret blend of deep, heady spices paired with a deliciously robust blend of teas from Assam and East Africa. Rich and warming with a whisper of sweetness, it’s an intoxicating feast for the senses.