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We’ve worked with Taylors for years and have started offering their coffee bags in our hotel rooms. When choosing products, we never compromise on quality, and we believe that Taylors coffee bags deliver on both taste and convenience to meet our guest's expectations."

Group Category Manager, Malmaison and Hotel du Vin

"We are proud to sell Yorkshire Tea onboard our trains. It’s made on our route which is important to us as well as being the best tasting brew around. Sales rose by 20% when we switched to Yorkshire Tea 5 years ago and our customers regularly tell us how happy they are we sell such a quality cuppa!"

On Board Category Development Manager, LNER

"We’ve been in the catering business for over 120 years and a key part of our success has been our absolute commitment to serving quality food and drink. We don’t believe in half-measures – and nor do our suppliers. People wouldn’t be satisfied with One Cup tea bags at home – so it doesn’t make sense to serve them in out of home establishments. For us, it’s all about offering consumers a proper cup of tea, wherever they are – and that means Yorkshire Tea."

Food Procurement Director & Group Executive Chef, CGC Event Caterers

“We pride ourselves on serving a proper cup of tea. Yorkshire Tea makes it very easy for us to do that with their unrelenting focus on quality and taste. We’re 100% behind their Campaign for a Proper Brew and hope it inspires other out of home establishments to ditch the weaker One Cup tea bags and start serving consumers what they so obviously want – a proper brew.”

Procurement Manager, Pizza Hut

"Yorkshire Tea our regional brew that has worldwide appeal and is a true Star performer. Made here literally on our doorstep in Gods own pantry, and as iconic as the White Rose itself....but by gum it’s far more tasty!!"

Andrew Pern, The Star Inn

“We chose Yorkshire Gold as our everyday tea because we wanted to offer our guests a premium recognised brand that consistently delivered a quality product.

The naturally flavoured teas in the Taylors range allow us to offer a wide selection of choice to the guest, and having a decaffeinated option in the range is a welcome bonus too.

The work that Taylors have done to ensure that they are now 100% carbon neutral is really impressive. Sustainability is so important in all of our work and home lives, it’s great to know that having a cup of your favourite tea now is not just good for yourself but good for the environment too”

Head of Bar Operations, Brasserie Blanc

"Blackpool Pleasure Beach is delighted to work with Taylors of Harrogate and serve Yorkshire Tea across all of our businesses including the amusement park, hotels, restaurants and venues. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a family owned and run business and will be celebrating its 125th Anniversary in 2021. Our strong family values and commitment to exceeding our guests expectations are compatible with those of Taylors of Harrogate and we are proud to serve their tea."

Director of Marketing, Sales and PR, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

"Searching for the right tea was a bit of a mission for Peach Pubs. We wanted something that would sit comfortably with our value of Always Serving the Good Stuff and also be a proper cup of tea. And we have often admired Taylors ethics and passion for quality tea.

5 years later, Peach continues to choose only the best global suppliers, Taylors are now carbon neutral and the Yorkshire tea tastes as sweet. Its Proper Tea for a great GastroPub Company."

Managing Director, Peach Pubs

“We have always received excellent service working with Taylors of Harrogate. Their speciality teas are always enjoyed by our guests and complement the ever-popular Yorkshire Tea very well. The range available meets our guests’ requirements and we believe the classic yet contemporary packaging completely reflects the quality of the tea inside.”

Group Category Manager, Malmaison and Hotel du Vin

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