Boxes of 80 Decaffé Coffee Bags are here!

We are pleased to announce that boxes of 80 Decaffé Coffee Bags have joined Rich Italian for the ultimate hotel room refreshment tray. Let us tell you a bit about them...


The beans for Decaffé are grown in Central America and Brazil. The technique we use for decaffeination doesn't include nasty chemicals. Instead, water enriched with natural coffee compounds draws out the caffeine.

Yes, it's slow, but it's worth it.


Expertly roasted to produce flavours of smooth caramel and milk.

What are coffee bags?

  • 100% ground coffee in a bag
  • Works just like a tea bag
  • Brews in 2 minutes - all you need is a kettle
  • Individually-wrapped to lock in the coffee's freshness and flavour
  • Available in boxes of 80

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