Yorkshire Tea

Tea done properly is a thing to be proud of. From the famously square tea bags with room for plenty of tea inside and the consistent flavour and quality in our blend, we believe in paying attention to every last detail. That’s our passion for doing things properly – and now we want to share it with the whole of the UK!


Yorkshire Tea is a proper brew. Pure and simple. To give our blend its refreshing flavour, strength and colour we use top quality Assam and African teas. In the tea trade we’re renowned for paying more to get the pick of the crop. Our experts travel the world to find the people who grow the best teas, which we then blend together using our secret recipe to create a traditional, satisfying brew.

We also make Yorkshire Tea for Hard Water, tea specially blended to suit your local tap water. It’s a special blend of teas that work brilliantly in hard water, so you get a proper brew, no matter where you live.

Yorkshire Tea Decaf is proof that being kind to your body doesn’t mean being cruel to your tastebuds. Whether your customers are after a decent night’s sleep or just trying to be healthy, they’ll love the great taste of Yorkshire Tea Decaf. It’s made from the pick of the crop just like our original blend, using top quality Rwandan and Kenyan teas that aren’t compromised by decaffeination.

The finest blend we make is Yorkshire Gold. We choose teas from our three favourite origins and buy them from the top ten tea gardens in the world. Back home in Yorkshire, our master blenders bring these luxury leaves together to make a rich, smooth and incredibly satisfying brew.

Our tea comes in a variety of larger pack sizes, perfect for caterers. See our product page for more information. Yorkshire Tea POS is available too here.